As a professional dreamworker I’ve read dozens of books on dreaming. Linda Yael Schiller’s Modern Dreamwork will be on the top of my pile of dream books from now on. Gentle, wise, and creative in its approach, Modern Dreamwork draws on science while still honoring the mystery and mysticism of the dreaming mind. In the classic, The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud called dreams the royal road to the subconscious. Schiller invites the reader onto the yellow brick road of dreamwork to come home to the true heart inside of every dreamer.

– Tzivia Gover

Tzivia Gover is a Certified Dreamwork Professional and author of The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep


Linda Schiller’s “Modern Dreamwork” is a brilliant look at the role of dreams in our everyday lives and how dreams can be used to inform healing, creativity, and spiritual growth. Helping professionals seeking a way to aid clients through dream work will undoubtedly benefit from the many examples presented here. The general reader will find a path to deeper understanding of personal consciousness. “Modern Dreamwork” is a gem of an addition to the literature of dreams.

– Jean Campbell

Jean Campbell, is a board member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and Editor of DreamTime magazine She is Director of the nonprofit organization, The iMAGE Project and author/editor of several books including Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (Wordminder Press, 2006) and Sleep Monsters and Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dream Play (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2017).


Rarely do we find a writer like Linda who makes the subject of dreams both accessible for novices and enriching for experts. She opened my eyes to new avenues for dream exploration and interpretation, and that’s saying something considering that I’ve studied the subject from all angles during the past 25 years! While its depth is an enticing lagoon for someone like myself to dive into, it also invites in readers who are just learning to swim in these waters. I know they will all find what they’re seeking when they pick up Linda’s book.

– J.M. DeBord

J.M. DeBord is the author of The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings, the creator of DreamSchool.net, an online school for dream interpretation, Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams, and How To Interpret Dreams: RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation.


I very highly recommend Linda Schiller’s book Modern Dreamwork: New Tools for Decoding Your Soul’s Wisdom for readers interested in exploring the wisdom of their dreams, for dreamwork therapists, and for readers who would like to learn more about some of the basic science behind dreamwork. Linda’s well-written book reviews important dreamwork techniques, provides a wonderful discussion on a Kabbalah based method of dreamwork, and instructs us on how to make meaning and gain wisdom from our dreams. In addition to discussing different dreamwork techniques, she gives the reader a solid foundation on the science of dreaming, and thereby helps us appreciate our dreams from an understanding of the biology of the dreaming brain. This is a wonderful combination of different approaches to dreamwork, to an introduction to the science of dreaming and an appreciation for the spiritual and healing aspects of our dreams.

– David Kahn, PhD

Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry


Linda seems to be right here in the room, talking to us about our dreams and bringing us deeper into their mystery with friendliness, warmth, humor, and expertise. She welcomes us whole-heartedly to enter a dream as if it is a friend that has been waiting for our wholes lives to be noticed. When I read Linda’s book, I am sure that this is the truth and I am ready. Not only does she give us one method, but three. Thank you, Linda for creating safe space in the unknown of our own psyches.

– Julie Leavitt

Julie Leavitt, D. Min., BC-DMT, LMCH, is a body-centered psychotherapist and spiritual director dance-movement therapist, and modern dancer. She has taught for 30 years at Lesley University, Hebrew College and in her private practice. Her D. Min from Graduate Theological Foundation earned the Samuel Cohen dissertation prize. Her article, Choreography of Prayer appears in, Seeking Redemption in an Unredeemed World, ed. Rabbi Avruhm Addison.

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